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In Loving Memory
Lee Jr. Fisher
July 31, 1926
December 18, 1998
Burial at Bethel Grove Cemetery,
Marshall County, Iowa

Dad served in the United States Army
Company B, 168 Infantry, Rainbow Division
August 13, 1944 he enlisted and completed 17 weeks
of basic training at Camp Fannin, Texas.
From there he went to Fort George Meade, MD.
He served in the "European Theater of Operations."
He was Honorably Discharged in April 1946.
In February 1947 he re-enlisted.
In Company C, 14th Infantry.
One of his Stations was Camp Carson, Colorado.
He served at Panama Canal and Korean War.
He served a total of 5 Years of Service

Dad served during World War II,
he fought for Liberation in the
European Theater of Operations,
Panama Canal, and the Korean War.
he was wounded in battle.
Hostile gunfire pierced his leg,
and he received "The Purple Heart."
When dad went to meet the Lord,
He did not have a military funeral.
So I am writing this in my Dad's honor.

When You Reach The End Of Your Journey

You've crossed the distant sea
your spirit travels on,
through the veil of silence
beyond the break of dawn.

You left us here to labor
and wait our journey's time.
Dad, do you know
the mountain we must climb?

Take God's hand, go with Him dad.
you'll never walk alone.
Follow Him into the Light,
He'll guide you safely home.

When we reach our journey's end
we'll depart no more.
We'll meet you at the Golden Gate
upon that distant shore.

We love you, Dad
from your loving family,
Sandy, Blanche,
Kathy, Linda, and Mike.

Linda Jean Fisher (Mrs. Larry Adams)
Daughter of Lee Jr. Fisher


In Memory of Ronald John Fisher-KIA

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