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Battles Of War

World War ll 1939-1945
Korean War Project 1950-1953

Let us Remember Those Who Came Before Us
And Laid Down Their Lives For Us
And Let us Remember Those Who Faught And Survived
That We May Be Free.

Korean War "Quote"
Found On The Korean War Project Site

Our Nation Honors
Her Sons and Daughters
Who Answered the Call
To Defend a Country
They Never Knew
And a People
They Never Met

They went not for conquest and not for gain,
but only to protect the anguished and the innocent.
They suffered greatly, and by their heroism in a thousand forgotten battles,
they added a luster to the codes we hold most dear:
duty, honor, Country, fidelity, bravery, integrity....
William Sessions

U.S. Merchant Marine delivered troops, machinery, weaponry, food, fuel, etc; to shores and aboard ships. The Merchant Marine men and women were voluntary, with the exceptions of one who was drafted. The Army fought on foreign grounds in the war zone, and engaged in battle with their adversaries. The Navy manned ships, with exploding shells, and sent torpedo's blasting into the sea. The Air Force dropped bombs into the enemy territory, disabling or destroying their defensives. The Marine Corps Air Station at Ewa, Oahu, was the first target of the striking Japanese bomber and fighter planes, approximately two minutes before the portion of the U.S. Pacific Fleet anchored at Pearl Harbor was attacked. During the first minute of the attack, a Japanese torpedo slammed into the port bow of the USS Arizona. The senior Marine officer, Major Alan Shapley, was thrown from the foremast at least a 100 feet into the water, but managed to swim clear to Ford Island. Rescuing two shipmates on his way to safety, Major Shapley later received a Silver Star. Our Soldiers on the front lines faced hostile gunfire,
They witnessed millions of people who died so heartlessly
from being tormented. Many relive the nightmare to this very day.
They are hopelessly bound by the haunting memories,
that invade their very soul.
The effects of War planted it's seed in the hearts of many soldiers and tortures their very existence. Some veterans were wounded in action
and received The Purple Heart, and others lost their lives,
but they did not die in vain.
They not only gave their lives for their Country
but for Liberation, the releasing of the power in the Regime.
To every Soldier who ever set foot on a battle field,
or served in the Armed Forces I stand in Salute to your bravery.
Many soldiers received Medals of Honor,
but no medal could ever honor the grief they carry.
Over a half a Century has past since World War ll.
The Unconditional Surrender of World War ll,
at that time swept the Nation's Newspaper headlines and across the world.
Many lives were lost and disappeared beyond the call of reveille.
Let it be known that We the people of United States
will not stand by as human beings are being so cruely annihilated,
Let us not forget our forefathers,
for if we submit to the very existence of what they died for,
does that mean they died in vain?
Will their spirits rise with turbulent seas?
like ghost ships in the night?
Will we hear cries for justice?
and see shadows from Wars past?
The United States is one voice, and She shall be heard!
I pray that We the poeple of the United States
will always stand behind our Constitution.
For If a Nation is not of Liberty, Justice and Freedom for all,
then it is a bureaucracy ruled by a controlled Goverment.
I believe with all my heart that the American Flag
will always fly in freedom
and be sheltered beneath the Wings of Democracy
unto the very end of the world.

Of The People, By The People, For The People!

On February 12,1973 the first P.O.W.s
touched down on US soil at Travis Air Force Base.
Former President Richard M. Nixon
announced On March 29, 1973 that
"For the first time in many years,
all the prisoners are finally home."

May We Always "Support" Our Veterans

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